Internal Voices

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Internal Voices

Internal Voices is an online magazine made by and for Brussels-based interns. This publication is run by a UN and EU editorial team and aims to gather a vast and diverse collection of ideas from the Brussels based intern community and post them online onto one central space. Internal Voices thus functions as a snapshot into the lives and minds of Brussels' stagiaires, interns and trainees.


Each month we will guide part of the discourse towards the investigation of a certain theme. Through a series of original articles, photo/video submissions, interviews, and cartoons, we will highlight an issue we think deserves more attention or more debate.

In addition to the 'Theme' section, we also have a general 'International Issues' section that is open for contributions at any time.


We also created this site to serve as a central space for information on life in Brussels as a young person. We find that, although Brussels is full of things to do, sometimes events can be difficult to find if you don't know where to look. Here you will find details on upcoming seminars and conferences as well as social events, parties, and other fun activities.


How it all began
The first issue of Internal Voices was published in 2007 as a magazine for interns of the UN Regional Information Centre in Brussels. In 2009 it expanded to include all UN interns across the globe. In November 2012 Internal Voices narrowed its geographic scope to Brussels only, but to also include all Brussels-based interns.


If you would like to contribute, please visit the “Participate” section for guidelines and information on how to submit your contribution.

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