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The Sandwich Protest: against unfair internship conditions in Brussels 17/07 @ 11.00 - 13.00

Are you an intern in Brussels?

Have you ever felt unpaid, underpaid or undervalued in an internship? Do you agree with the statement below?


When did you last have something else other than a sandwich for lunch?!

Join the protest against unfair internship conditions on the 17th of July!

The protest will take place between 11 am and 1 pm at Place Luxembourg in front of the European Parliament. There will be muffins, banners, a statement or two, and maybe some drums!

Even if you one of the lucky ones to be paid and satisfied in your internship or you have a permanent contract, do not hesitate to spread the word.

Come at 11.00 with your sandwich or show up at your lunchbreak to show your solidarity!

Read the statement of the organisers:
In times of high unemployment and economic crisis any opportunity to work is a precious one. An internship in Brussels is a great chance to develop practical skills and to gain work experience. We appreciate the efforts taken by all authorities involved in the transmission of skills to young professionals; nevertheless this should not prevent us from drawing public attention to inappropriate conditions in the internship system. Being politically active citizens we have the duty to communicate what we feel needs improving.

It is a fact that many interns are working without any reimbursement, without a contract, or in a framework of inappropriate payment and working hours. This creates a negative perception of the value of their work. As a result of this, highly motivated and well educated young people, ready to work hard, risk losing their passion in the face of inappropriate conditions.

Being interns in Brussels we also want to speak out on behalf of those who cannot afford to take advantage of an internship in Brussels. Interns working up to 50 hours a week often do not receive enough to cover their living costs and their income must be supplemented from other sources such as parental support. This creates a regime of social exclusion of less affluent but equally talented people. For these reasons we call upon every intern in Brussels and any other person who shares our concerns to participate in a strike to stand up for decent and fair working conditions.


To confirm your participation or invite friends, check out the event page on Facebook



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  • Who came up with that silly time? 11 am?

    Also, i don't understand what is wrong with a sandwich for lunch?

    asd Monday, 08 July 2013 14:10 Comment Link

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