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Internships – not bad, but could be better

It is a vicious circle many young adults and aspiring graduates find themselves in. If you want to start a career there is hardly any way past an intern-, apprentice- or traineeship that gives you the necessary insight, contacts, and reputation.

On the other hand, young professionals are frequently used as cheap, exploitable workforce by many organizations and corporations.

Protests earlier this year in Brussels have shown that even within the EU institutions conditions are not ideal. A high-ranking roundtable in the European Parliament involving employers, MEPs, and young people contributes to making the situation better. Organised by the European Youth Forum and the EP’s Youth Intergroup, participants will assess the situation in- and outside of the Parliament, discuss perspectives for a European quality charter for internships and look ahead to an expected proposal by the European Commission on a quality framework for traineeships.

The aim is clear: internship should provide both fair treatment as well as valuable and sustainable work experience.

Date: Thursday 14th November 2013
Time: 15.30 – 17.30
Location: European Parliament, Brussels, Room P5B001

To attend the Round Table, please register on the Youth Forum website through the following link,, then for the event at by Friday 8th November. The event is held in the European Parliament so registration is necessary in order to gain access to the building.


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