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On Sunday 26 October the United Nations is celebrating its 69th birthday by hosting an event on the Grand Place of Brussels. Staff from 26 UN Brussels based agencies and a number of partners can be met during the day from 11:00 to 17:00. You’ll be able to gather information on the UN’s work, ask questions and participate in various activities for all ages. This edition of UNDAY will have a special focus on Green Cities, showcasing how everyone integrates the fight for sustainable development and against climate change within their daily work.

Programme of the day

• Discover a unique urban garden
• Try a ‘bug’ and learn about the sustainability of Insects as food
• Take part in workshops on how to recycle papers and plastic bags. We’ll even teach you how to turn any odd piece of paper into a windmill.
• Learn about safe ovens in harsh conditions
• Share the experience of an agricultural revitalization project in Swaziland
• Test your knowledge of do’s and don’ts when biking in Brussels
• Learn how to create your own sustainable purchasing group
• Get all the info to make your own worm composting kit
• Come closer and see what a refugee tent looks like

Be sure to visit the various information stands to learn more about what the UN and their partners do.

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See also the map below!


UN Day Map




Stagiaires from the European Institutions have a ball to celebrate the end of their time in the Eurobubble.


Coming to live in Brussels is always a great and intense experience. Whether you are a professional or an intern at any of the several associations or institutions that are based here, you will be able to get the European vibe all over the city. Getting to meet dozens of people from different nationalities on a daily basis is something that doesn’t happen that often in other cities, but here it does. You might know that Place Lux on Thursdays is the place to be to do so.



With the European elections ahead, young people are asking what European politicians will really do for them. The trainees from the European Parliament invite you to a discussion with key figures from European political parties.


Trainees in the EU institutions in Brussels enjoy the privilege of having elected representatives. But what do these do? What motivates them? We followed the representatives of the European Parliament’s Stagiaire Association.

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