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The Scoop: John Kerry, an Upright Man

Yesterday a group of 30 or so stagiaires were given the incredible opportunity to serve as the audience in a press event for the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso and the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry.

At some point early on in the meeting Secretary Kerry was wanting to free up some space with his microphone cord so that he could walk around a bit more freely.  Impeding him, however, was a pesky little plastic clip that linked his cord to the floor.  When he proceeded to snap it off, instead of it nestling firmly into his hands, the clip slipped out of his grasp and onto the ground – just as he was preparing to give remarks.

Once handing the floor back to President Barroso, he then calmly picked the clip up off the floor and, after looking around briefly for another place to put it, placed it in his jacket pocket – finding, at that time, no better place for it.

But moments later - after having noticed the possibility of him forgetting he placed it there - he pulled the clip back out of his pocket, turned around and snapped this very troublesome little clip onto the microphone stand behind him – ensuring that a missing cord clip would not be anyone's concern on this day.

John Kerry, an upright man.


Alex Gish is Internal Voices' International Issues editor and currently a trainee at the European Union's DG for Economic and Financial Affairs.

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