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Climate change and global warming is taking place in every corner of the world. It is a fact that needs to be tackled before it is too late. Governments have agreed to limit global warming to two degrees warmer.


Today, June 5th, is World Environment Day, and marks the official launch of Internal Voice’s new theme: Environment. A broad theme, absolutely, and one we hope will inspire a diverse set of interesting contributions from the creative minds of interns in Brussels.


Bees are fundamental to the environment. They sustain biodiversity by providing essential pollination for a wide range of plants. The production of seeds, nuts, berries and fruits are highly dependent on insect pollination, and among pollinating insects bees are the major pollinators. That also makes bees essential to our food system.


Not long ago, scientists realized that eating food loaded with preservatives and additives actually have a dangerous impact on our health.Most additives and preservatives are either poisonous or, even worse, could in fact alter our body cells when consumed in small quantities.

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InternalVoices The Mediterranean Sea seems to be becoming a place where thousands of people decide to gamble with their lives.
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